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8 January, 2021
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Why languages can be your secret weapon

In an increasingly globalised world, having more than one language up your sleeve can take you to the next level. Why? Because speaking multiple languages is an incredibly attractive asset in this day and age. It only takes a few scrolls on LinkedIn to realise that brands and businesses are looking for diverse, plurilingual employees.

If you’re an anglophone, you may be thinking: “but everyone speaks English nowadays – so what’s the point in learning another language?” In reality, this is a mere myth. 13% of the world’s population speaks English as either a first or second language, with the percentage of native English speakers being lower, resting at about 5%. This Anglocentric worldview is holding you back from bigger and better things, because whilst the world you live in may be full of English-speakers, there’s a whole new world out there full of an incredible array of different languages, peoples and cultures.

From an employer’s perspective, hiring someone with experience – or better, fluency – in another language is an instant bonus. It opens up potential partnerships with other brands on a global scale, paving the way for international collaborations that will allow their brand to expand in a completely new way. And you could be their passport to that world.

On a more personal level, languages can enable you to connect and communicate with people from a host of different backgrounds. Not only will this allow you to forge new friendships and relationships, it will also broaden your horizons and make you a more informed, culturally aware individual. Because at the end of the day, there are numerous phrases and concepts that simply get lost in translation – and you will only be able to access them by learning and immersing yourself in that language.

Having said all that, learning languages takes a lot of time, effort, and determination. At Translatium, we can take the legwork out of speaking another language for you by translating your content – whether it be a personal blog, a start-up business, or a fully-fledged and successful brand. Whatever you have already achieved, we can take you one step further.

Don’t limit yourself. Choose languages, choose Translatium. See where it can take you.


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