Advertising & Media

Campaigns adapted to the target culture. Specialised copy translators. We have created a large number of slogans and adaptations of advertising campaigns, along with transcreation projects (cultural adaptation), Google Adwords, etc., successfully tailoring foreign advertising campaigns to the Spanish market, as well as helping leading national brands to successfully position themselves in the international market. Some of our clients, by sector, include: Dunkin Donuts, Ribs, Pans & Company, Tony Roma's, La Chelinda, Taberna del Volapié, Spanish OAK, Holiday World Hotels, Nationale Nederlanden, Euroberry, etc.

Engineering & technology

Translatium is specialised in technical translation. We translate all kinds of documents: manuals, user instructions, machinery, industrial sector, etc. All our technical translators have their own field of specialisation and are native speakers of the target language into which the document is to be translated. They have years of experience to back them as leading professionals in their field.

Legal & Business

Our team is formed by professional sworn translators qualified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation of Spain, whose mother tongue is the target language. All our translators and interpreters are native or bilingual and have at least 10 years in the sector, thus ensuring maximum quality in each and every one of our jobs.

Medicine & Pharmaceuticals

Our translators are thoroughly versed in the EMA (European Medicines Agency) and AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices) guidelines and the sectors’ abbreviations and terminology. Translatium's team of pharmaceutical and medical translators guarantees the highest quality on every job.

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