Our main services

Sworn translation:

Our team is formed by professional sworn translators qualified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation of Spain. All our translators and interpreters are native or bilingual and have at least 10 years in the sector, thus ensuring maximum quality in each and every one of our jobs. Our translators specialised in sworn translation also have academic training in law to assure maximum quality true translation matching the original. The excellence and professionalism of our work is our way of understanding our demanding profession that requires thorough attention to be paid, as well as respecting not only the literal text, but also the sense and interpretation of each original sentence.

New Markets:

If the time has come to grow your business and make the leap into international markets, you will need a strong translation and localisation agency to tailor your content to other languages, from reviewing or writing emails, to translating your corporate presentations and press releases, or even your social media pages. We have a large team of multilingual and versatile professionals at your service. At Translatium we break down any language barrier that may come between you and your clients.

Urgent translation:

At Translatium, we know that the frantic rate of work we face nowadays is inevitable and we must adapt to the circumstances around us. Due to this, we are aware of the importance of providing an agile, immediate service, while not relaxing our quality parameters. Translatium has language-based translation teams specialised by field, which allows us to divide up a commission among a team of translators who will work shoulder to shoulder, simultaneously to shorten the delivery time of your project as much as possible, so you may have it as soon as possible.

Conference Calls:

New technologies make our work much easier. Being able to hold meetings without having to be physically in the same place is a big advantage. We offer online or telephone interpreting so that one or several interpreters can “attend” your virtual meetings.


Interpreting is the riskiest category in the translation world. A written text undergoes several reviews: first the text is assigned to a translator or team of translators (depending on the volume of the commission and delivery deadline) who are specialised in the field of the text to be translated (legal, medical, industrial, pharmaceutical, etc). The translator translates the text and delivers it to a reviewer who reads it thoroughly and writes down remarks or suggestions he considers may apply, returning it to the translator, who will include these if he agrees with the reviewer’s suggestions. The text is translated, reviewed and corrected. However, interpreting is immediate, happens right away and there is seldom a second interpreter present during the translation process to ensure translation by the first interpreter is error free. Due to this, it is essential to choose your interpreter well: one who is properly qualified, who has experience in the professional sector the translation concerns and who knows how to act professionally. Always choose native or bilingual interpreters as, on the contrary, the wrong accent may prevent your client from understanding properly. Translatium offers you a maximum quality service.

A quality translation is appreciable when it does not appear to be a translation; when the translated text sounds as natural as if it had originally been written in that language. Being true to the original, the highest quality, ability to adapt the text to the target culture and maximum punctuality with delivery deadlines are among the pillars of our philosophy.

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