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Fecha de publicación March 17, 2022

Translatium was the agency selected to internationalize Shackleton's unique and ingenious campaign, the phenomenon that everyone is talking about: TwitchVerse.

The famous youtubers AuronPlay and ElRubius have revolutionized the networks, hand in hand with Sony Pictures Spain, for the world premiere of Spiderman.

“The internet went crazy with a simple change and the results were from another universe.”

“+ 200,000 live users”

“+ 6 Million cumulative views (to date)


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Reby Rides SL

Reby Rides SL

Thanks to the great commitment and effort of the entire Translatium team, the client was able to submit a winning proposal for this contest in France.

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Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

An agile attention that takes care of the details to guarantee a job at the height of this legend of the fashion world.

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