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What is IT and software translation?

IT and software translation constitutes a specialised discipline that focuses on adapting technology and software-related content to make it accessible and usable for a global audience. IT and software translation covers a wide range of documents and materials, from user manuals and installation guides to user interfaces and web pages, and it is essential to ensure effective communication with users from different countries and cultures.

The translation of IT and software is not only limited to the literal translation of words, but also involves adapting the content to make it understandable for users in different countries. This may include adapting technical terms and software-specific terminology to be appropriate for the local market and culture in question.


When is IT and software translation needed?

IT and software translation will be needed when a software product or service is to be accessible and usable by an international audience. Some situations where IT and software translation may be required are:

  1. When you want to market and sell your software in foreign markets.
  2. When you want to increase the user base of a software product or service.
  3. When you want to improve the user experience and accessibility for users who speak different languages.
  4. When you want to ensure effective communication with international customers and users.
  5. When you want to comply with the requirements of the regulators of the international markets in which you want to market your software.
  6. When you want to provide support and services in different languages to international customers.
  7. When you want to ensure that the content of websites, mobile applications and other software products are understandable and accurate for users from different cultures and regions.

The most common translation works include:

  • User manuals and installation guides.
  • Technical documentation and specifications.
  • Software bug and problem reports.
  • Help files and frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  • User interfaces and software menus.
  • Documentation of software design and development.
  • Software licensing contracts and agreements.
  • Emails and internal communications related to the software.
  • Content for websites and mobile applications.
  • Software security and privacy documentation.
  • The configuration of files and software settings.
  • Documentation for software migration and upgrades.
  • Software testing and validation reports.
  • Software project management documents.
  • Source code and software development documentation.

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