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We, at Translatium, always say that we are a different kind of translation agency.
But, what makes us so different?

Behind the scenes...

Maria web translatium

María Navarro

CEO and founder of Translatium Multilingual Services S.L.
Degrees in:
- International Business & Cultural Studies, Universität Passau, Germany.
- Translation and Interpretation, University of Granada, Spain.
- Modern Languages, Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.
- Sworn interpreter of German certified by the Spanish Government (MAUC) in 2009.
- International Marketing certificate, IEB, Madrid (2012)

Vocational P.A. Mom-complex. She's the boss, but she's ok.

Sonia Pérez

Degree in Translation & Interpreting, UAM, Madrid.
Project Manager. EN-SP Translation, Localization and DTP.

Laura Servera

Assistant Translator.
Multilingual social media content creator. EN, FR, CAT > SP
A quality translation is appreciable when it does not appear to be a translation; when the translated text sounds as natural as if it had originally been written in that language. Being true to the original, the highest quality, ability to adapt the text to the target cultural and maximum punctuality with delivery deadlines are among the pillars of our philosophy. We are aware of the importance of providing an agile, immediate service, while not relaxing our quality parameters. Translatium has language-based freelance translation teams specialised by field, which allows us to divide up a commission among a team of translators who will work shoulder to shoulder, simultaneously to shorten the delivery term of your project, so you may have it as soon as possible. We are good at what we do, and we like to prove it.

Welcome to Translatium.
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