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What is video game translation?

Video game translation is the process of adapting the texts, dialogues, instructions and any other written content of a video game into another language, so that players from different parts of the world can enjoy the game in their own language. This process is not only about literally translating the content of the game, but also about adapting culture, humour and puns that may be difficult to translate. In addition to the translation of written texts, video game translation can also include the localisation of graphic elements, sound effects, and the adaptation of voices in dialogues to fit the language and culture of the target audience.

Video game translation is a process that requires a team of specialised professionals, including translators, editors, localisers, voice actors and sound engineers. In addition, it is important that the team have experience in the field of video games and that it be familiar with the terminology and styles of games.

When is a video game translation needed?

You will need a video game translation when you want your game to reach an international audience and maximise its potential sales in different countries and regions around the world. Some of the situations in which video game translation may be required are:

  1. When you want to launch the game in a market that speaks a different language than the game’s original one.
  2. When you want to reach a global audience and ensure that the game can be played in different languages.
  3. When you want to increase the accessibility of the game for players from different countries and cultures.
  4. When you want to adapt a game’s content for different markets, such as modifying the characters’ names, localising cultural references, or changing parts of the game to comply with regulations in certain countries.
  5. When you want to improve the user experience and make the game more attractive to players from different countries.

The most common translation works include:

  • Game dialogues and scripts.
  • Character descriptions and characteristics.
  • Descriptions and characteristics of objects.
  • Game menus and options.
  • Game controls and tutorials.
  • Missions and objectives of the game.
  • Text of the cinematics and cutscenes.
  • Descriptions and characteristics of skills and powers.
  • Instructions for the game modes.
  • Descriptions of maps and scenarios.
  • Game scores and scoreboards.
  • Game policies and terms of use.
  • Signs and signposting of the environment.

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