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Our voice-over and dubbing services offer the adaptation of audio-visual content to different languages and cultures, guaranteeing high-quality communication and professionalism in the user experience.


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What are voice-overs?

Voice-overs are narrative recordings in the desired language accompanying the original content of a video, presentation or advertisement. Voice-over artists usually have strong linguistic and interpreting skills, as well as thorough knowledge of the culture and language into which they are adapting content. The aim of voice-overs is to provide a high-quality, professional communication experience, improving the accessibility of content to a wider audience.

What is dubbing?

Dubbing is an audio-visual content adaptation technique by which the original language of a film, series or similar content, is changed to another language to enable it to reach a wider audience. This technique consists of recording a new audio track that replaces the original one on which the actors speak in the film’s original language. Dubbing is carried out so that the audience can understand and enjoy the content without having to read subtitles.

When are voice-over and dubbing services needed?

Voice-over and dubbing services are required in different situations in which audio-visual content needs to be adapted to a new language or culture. Common examples include:

  • Films and series that are released in different countries and regions around the world.
  • Advertisements that are broadcast in different languages and cultures to reach wider audiences.
  • Corporate videos and presentations used at trade fairs and other international events.
  • Video games that are released in different markets and regions around the world.
  • Educational and training content used in e-learning programmes and distance learning contexts.

In general, any audio-visual content intended to reach an international or multilingual audience can benefit from voice-over and dubbing services to adapt it to different languages and cultures.

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